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What is the point and meaning to life on this planet? ...or any planet for that matter

asked Sep 08 '10 at 22:07

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--Now delete this pointless and stupid question that you know there is no real answer to. It's just what annoying little kids ask for who knows what reason. And even if given a legit answer will continue to ask this question to other people for a reason also unknown to me.....I've seen it time and time again.

answered Sep 08 '10 at 22:08

Phoenix7's gravatar image


edited Sep 08 '10 at 22:14

that was harsh...but true :/

(Sep 08 '10 at 22:09) Phoenix7 Phoenix7's gravatar image

okay, fair enough...

(Sep 08 '10 at 22:10) Windowsfreak Windowsfreak's gravatar image

The only pointless or stupid question is one not asked. This invites a very good discussion. I am sure there are similar questions, but this freshens and brings the discussion back to the foreground.

(Sep 08 '10 at 22:21) y0himba y0himba's gravatar image

I actually completely agree with that. My answer was ignorant, I will admit to that. And i agree with the refreshing of the discussion, that's why i dont mind duplicates too much. I think the only reason i responded like that was because little kids ALWAYS ask me this, and they do it just to be silly or stupid or something. But still, windowsfreak deserved a little more respect. I apologize for that. He obviously knew i was right though? He chose my answer, I'm sure he was just being silly.. perhaps stupid and pointless was the wrong choice of words?

(Sep 08 '10 at 22:24) Phoenix7 Phoenix7's gravatar image

Dude you beat me to the punch line lol

(Sep 08 '10 at 23:03) Thyrth Thyrth's gravatar image

I know, right? (Insert grin here)

(Sep 08 '10 at 23:11) y0himba y0himba's gravatar image
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Forty-Two is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Now you just need to figure out the question.


Don't Panic

The simplest meaning/point of life is to procreate. Create life. Continuation of the species. Philosophers and romantics may read more into it, but we are mammals, and we reproduce to carry on the species, plain and simple. Everything we do is to that end.

answered Sep 08 '10 at 22:13

y0himba's gravatar image


edited Sep 08 '10 at 22:14

The meaning of life in your opinion is to create life? Well if that's why we live, simply to make others live. Whats the point in continuing to exist? Why live then, only to create more life...

(Sep 08 '10 at 22:18) Phoenix7 Phoenix7's gravatar image

there's simply no concrete answer, its up to the individual to decide what life means for them and to carry and act that out.

(Sep 08 '10 at 22:19) Phoenix7 Phoenix7's gravatar image

If we do not create life, then we can not live. We can all pursue lofty purposes, but said purposes will disappear if we fail to carry on the species. Therefore we create life to live.

(Sep 08 '10 at 22:24) y0himba y0himba's gravatar image

exactly, so creating life isnt the soul purpose of life. creating is the predecessor to the purpose of life. And there are numerous reasons to life and go through life..not a single answer.

(Sep 08 '10 at 22:30) Phoenix7 Phoenix7's gravatar image

If we do not create life, then we do not live. If we are not living, there is no purpose. So the point and meaning is to create life so that we may live. Again, it boils down to procreation. Without procreation there is no point and no meaning, so the point and meaning of life is to create life or 'procreate'.

(Sep 08 '10 at 22:34) y0himba y0himba's gravatar image

okay, nevermind lol.

(Sep 08 '10 at 22:35) Phoenix7 Phoenix7's gravatar image
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