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I spent a few minutes trying to figure out a good title, but I just can't word it correctly. Why do some blondes bite your face off if you tell a blonde joke, while some encourage it? I myself am a blonde guy, and I find blonde jokes pretty hilarious. Why? Because they are so true!

Three blondes walked into a bar. The brunette ducked.

So tell me, fellow blondes, how do you react to blonde jokes? Do you tell them? Do you blame everything you do wrong on the fact that you're blonde? :)


And no, blonde jokes do not equal black jokes. Blonde jokes are meant to be taken lightly, and black jokes (OR any other race) are meant to hurt. Let's not forget that the person or people the joke is about can choose to take the joke lightly or seriously, though.

asked Sep 24 '10 at 04:06

GavinRoskamp's gravatar image


edited Sep 25 '10 at 21:26


So tell me fellow Blacks, how do you react to Black jokes? So tell me fellow gays, how do you react to gay jokes? So tell me fellow Hispanics, how do you react to Hispanic jokes? So tell me fellow diaabled persons, how do you react to disabled jokes? Et cetera.

(Sep 25 '10 at 14:25) Frank12 Frank12's gravatar image

Just thought I'd point out that I just tried giving an iTunes Gift Card to a Canadian. It took me about 20 emails back and forth with him accusing me of using it and me accusing him of trying to scam me before I remembered that iTunes Gift Cards don't work outside the US, and that I was being a complete ass for no reason.

Wanna know what I did before I checked if he was foreign? I tried redeeming it on my account. So now I have too much money in my account that I'll never get used up.

...I hate being blonde.

(Sep 26 '10 at 22:00) GavinRoskamp GavinRoskamp's gravatar image

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I happen to love them! I've heard them all, and have told more than my fair share. :)

And yes, I'm a natural blonde.

answered Sep 24 '10 at 04:17

Kat's gravatar image

Kat ♦♦

Hmm. Wonder how I knew you'd post on this :P

(Sep 24 '10 at 04:19) GavinRoskamp GavinRoskamp's gravatar image

Well I've told blond jokes to blondes before, and they just laughed. Afterwards I said I was joking, though.

answered Sep 26 '10 at 03:48

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Any kind of joke against someone whether it's a fat joke, a blond joke, a height joke, a looks joke or any other joke causing issue with something about the person can be offensive and people will all take these jokes in different ways depending on their personality.

I personally find them silly, immature and the domain of children playground antics.

There is still a stigma that blonds are 'blond' but there are so many people who are fake blond that it's more likely that those people will take issue to such jokes. I would never encourage it and would only do it to people who genuinely realize they have the so called 'blond' traits, generally to friends who I know well.

EDIT: I'm blond so I guess that puts me in the 'gets offended by blond jokes category'

answered Sep 24 '10 at 04:19

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edited Sep 24 '10 at 04:20

Oh, but I AM "blonde." I am smart as hell... and also a complete and total "blonde" sometimes. I'm proud of that fact. :)

(Sep 24 '10 at 04:20) Kat ♦♦ Kat's gravatar image

Agreed. I find that we are (usually) intelligent, we just have times when our brains stop for a bit and we act like we're clueless!

(Sep 24 '10 at 04:22) GavinRoskamp GavinRoskamp's gravatar image

A fat person can go on a diet-whereas a white person cannot reasonably and permanently change the color of one's skin--genetic characteristics are particular and offensive conduct premised on one's genetic characteristics violates Federal law, just as if the comment were about the poor Hispanic or the subjugated Black

(Sep 25 '10 at 14:23) Frank12 Frank12's gravatar image

I've heard them all, and a few are funny if told by someone who's obviously having fun, not being an arse.

Here in Texas, we tend to turn all the blonde jokes into Aggie jokes about folks who attend Texas A&M University. It gets a little tiring hearing jokes twice in different contexts, even though I'm a blonde but not an Aggie.

answered Sep 25 '10 at 17:00

ageekmom's gravatar image

ageekmom ♦

I don't get it?

answered Sep 25 '10 at 22:04

FilipinoPower's gravatar image


Bahahahahaha. The bar is a literal bar. Like made of metal or something. Not the place to drink. Get it?

(Sep 26 '10 at 03:33) GavinRoskamp GavinRoskamp's gravatar image

What's red and brown and in a ditch?

A brunette who has told too many blond jokes.

I myself think they are funny, despite the fact that I am a brunette. I do not think of them as 'true', but it's sometimes fun to stereotype blondes as dumb.

The blonde said, "I love coffee, but my eyes hurt after drinking it".

The brunette said, "Try taking the spoon out first".

answered Sep 25 '10 at 22:33

HHBones's gravatar image


I have a favorite about a blonde guy, but it's way too long to post here :P

(Sep 26 '10 at 03:33) GavinRoskamp GavinRoskamp's gravatar image

My girlfriend is blonde - she often will just laugh and say its funny 'cause its true, she doesn't offend easily though. As stated, it would depend person to person...

The only words of wisdom i can really instil into my answer is: Don't use a blonde joke as a way to break the ice.

answered Sep 26 '10 at 04:48

Uelogy's gravatar image


Agreed. The best way to use them is with close friends that you know will laugh at them. Then everyone laughs and nobody is hurt.

(Sep 26 '10 at 21:03) GavinRoskamp GavinRoskamp's gravatar image

I don't know, I think they probably don't want anyone to take the mic out of them.

answered Sep 26 '10 at 04:55

Danish's gravatar image


Dumb blonde jokes are stupid, unkind, and offensive I feel that this kind of humor makes it almost impossible for people to respect me for I have blonde hair! Anybody who criticizes me due to the impression that I am dumb becomes dead to me! I am extremely upset that some of my fellow citizens believe that these jokes are funny or even worse believe that these stereotypes correctly define anyone whose hair happens to be blonde.

In other words that you might understand better: dumb blonde jokes are mean and stupid and I don't like them! (Read this if the other paragraph I wrote was too long and complicated for you to read.)

answered Feb 21 '12 at 09:17

Future%20Superstar123's gravatar image

Future Superstar123

edited Feb 21 '12 at 13:50

I studied this stereotype on my Feminism class and is just that, a stereotype, they react badly and who does blame them. My best friend painted her hair blonde to change her looks, and after a comment in one of my friend's Facebook she received hate comments and accusations of been dumb by two immature girls, ironicaly she got one of the best scores when we graduated. She got sad and mad after that stereotyping assault on her and it took me days to take that out of her mind, and also got me to backfire trash talk at those ideotic and retarded girls. The bottom line is: they get hurt because of this and they feel bad, stereotyping are not just words, people get hurt because of this so the dumb blonde jokes are also immature.

Something to remember: not all blonde girl/women are a a Paris Hilton or a dumb bimbo, it's really immature to make comparisons like that. If someone wants to do it they better watch this video,or this one, and trash talk there :)

My spell checker got screwed sorry about the mistakes :)

answered Sep 24 '10 at 05:55

Patxi's gravatar image


Its racism, having blonde hair is a genetic characteristic, much more certain than a simple choice of whether or not to have an Hispanic surname (one is Hispanic if one has an Hispanic surname, e.g, by marriage) One is blonde by birth in the same manner other racial characteristics are acquired, Encouraging hatred of blondes simply encourages ethnic hatred and violence against Whites and against women

(Sep 25 '10 at 14:20) Frank12 Frank12's gravatar image
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