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From all over the world type of coffee has the strongest stimulant effect on the average human body?

asked Oct 03 '10 at 12:05

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Noah Rainey


Why don't you just chew on the coffee beans?

(Oct 04 '10 at 08:49) Seb Seb's gravatar image

alt text

The world’s strongest coffee is available in Malaysia | Some transvestites (mak nyah) working as prostitutes in the city of Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia have reportedly been taking “reggae coffee” (kopi reggae) to boost their energy levels to such an extent that:

(i) they could stay awake all night, even until dawn if necessary, and hence (ii) they could entertain more than 10 customers in a single evening.

However, it is unclear why the name “reggae” was chosen. Nor could I find any mention of a recommendation for chilling out with Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff” while sipping from a glass.

Anyway, one of them who only wanted to be known as Syazliyana, in “her” 20s, said:

(i) the effects of the coffee could be felt within 5 minutes of drinking it: one would feel refreshed, energized and high. (ii) it has a peculiar taste, unlike any other coffee

More information:

To boost its power even more, the coffee is laced with drugs like methamphetamine hydrocloride (syabu) or marijuana (ganja). This is the high end concoction. For a cheaper alternative, kratom leaves in powder form (daun ketum / daun biak) are added instead. Kratom leaves could be bought for RM30 per kg.

answered Oct 04 '10 at 19:00

r0bErT4u's gravatar image


Espresso is by far the strongest coffee you can make, as well as the most dense (you get a bigger hit with less).

Caffè espresso, or just espresso is a concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee. Compared to other coffee brewing methods, espresso often has a thicker consistency, a higher concentration of dissolved solids, and crema (foam) . As a result of the pressurized brewing process, all of the flavours and chemicals in a typical cup of coffee are very concentrated. For this reason, espresso is the base for other drinks, such as lattes, cappuccino, macchiato, mochas, and americanos.

[1]alt text

While espresso has more caffeine per unit volume than most beverages, compared on the basis of usual serving sizes, a 30 mL (1 US fluid ounce) shot of espresso has about half the caffeine of a standard 180 mL (6 US fluid ounces) cup of drip brewed coffee, which varies from 80 to 130 mg,[1] and hence a 60 mL (2 US fl oz) double shot of espresso has about the same caffeine as a 180 ml (6 US fl oz) cup of drip brewed coffee. In coffee brewing terms, espresso and brewed coffee should have the same extraction (about 20% of the coffee grounds are extracted into the coffee liquid), but espresso has a higher brew strength (concentration, in terms of dissolved coffee solids per unit volume), due to having less water

alt text

answered Oct 04 '10 at 10:13

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Please provide your source.

(Oct 05 '10 at 18:15) Noah Rainey Noah%20Rainey's gravatar image

I linked it. First word of the first line.

(Oct 05 '10 at 21:57) chadt4 chadt4's gravatar image

Yes, Espresso. I've had it a few times and they usually ask me: "Do you also need water?", lol. It is strong, and it really wakes you up. I wouldn't drink it on a regular basis, though.

answered Oct 04 '10 at 10:16

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I don't think there is much variance on the amounts of caffeine that different coffee beans from around the world yield, not enough to matter anyway, but Espresso is probably the strongest brew that is still palatable.

answered Oct 04 '10 at 08:54

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edited Oct 04 '10 at 08:54

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