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I had been searching for the past few days of a way to change the BIOS to UEFI or maybe EFI but i couldn't find out how. Does anyone know if it's possible? And do you think UEFI or EFI is better than BIOS?

asked Oct 04 '10 at 05:22

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edited Oct 04 '10 at 05:33

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If your motherboard's manufacturer supports flashing the CMOS with UEFI, then yes. Otherwise, no. I believe that Intel, Gigabyte and MSI sell motherboards that support UEFI.

The main advantage of UEFI/EFI over BIOS is that it supports GUID Partition Table, or GPT, which allows for hard drive partitions over 2 terabytes in size, and more than 4 partitions. This limitation is becoming increasingly realized by people using multiple hard drives in a RAID 0/5/10/JBOD configuration, as storage hardware becomes increasingly cheaper. Legacy BIOS only supports the MBR partition table layout, which is limited: it can only support partitions less than 2 TB in size, and it cannot support more than 4 partitions on a disk. This would mean that as hard drives get larger, it will be impossible to utilize the entirety of their disk space with the standard MBR layout. Furthermore, this creates limitations on those who use large storage arrays. The reason MBR does not support partitions over 2 terabytes in size is mathematical: MBR stores the volume size as a 32-bit unsigned integer, and the size is in blocks. A block is 512 bytes, and 2 terabytes / 512 bytes = 232 blocks, which is also the numerical maximum of 32-bit unsigned integers. The reason it does not support more than 4 partitions is that MBR was purposely designed to support only 4 partition entries.

That aside, there is no other advantage to UEFI/EFI over BIOS that would be normally realized by most users.

I hope this answers your question.

answered Oct 04 '10 at 05:31

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edited Oct 04 '10 at 05:51

Exactly what i wanted. Thank you.

(Oct 04 '10 at 05:51) LamboLighting LamboLighting's gravatar image

Go to the last link in external links section of wikipedia's uefi page. Regards

answered Oct 04 '10 at 12:51

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