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Ive never owned my own deskop just several laptops, and I am planning on buying a new PC since my Dell laptop is dying. What would be the pros and cons of owning a Desktop over a laptop? I can upgrade it easier, but I cannot move it thats all I can think of.

asked Oct 05 '10 at 07:55

Yuma's gravatar image


What are you using it for?

Desktop for home office / video editing / media center / power PC

Laptop for travel / lite computing

Personally, I have both. But I rarely use my laptop. I would recommend a desktop if it will remain stationary. If you need to move around, obviously that is not an option.

EDIT: Here is the HP Desktop I built for you. This does not have extras (monitor, wireless, bluray, etc)

alt text

answered Oct 05 '10 at 07:57

Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Steven Hibbs

edited Oct 11 '10 at 08:17


Mostly home use I suppose, gaming and casual browsing. But doesn't a gaming desktop cost more then a gaming laptop?

(Oct 05 '10 at 08:00) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

maybe, but a gaming laptop is much less powerful

(Oct 05 '10 at 08:03) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

It depends on what brand and components you buy. I would go with the desktop, but that's because I like them more than laptops. For gaming, you'll need plenty of memory, great graphics / video card, fast processor, and big monitor (if you want). With that in mind, it'd be better for a desktop.

(Oct 05 '10 at 08:04) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

That is true, do you recommend any brand right now?

(Oct 05 '10 at 08:04) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

I have HP for both and would not think of swapping them. Desktop is running Win7 w/ 8GB RAM and a bunch of other stats.

The point is, I like HP lol

(Oct 05 '10 at 08:05) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Ha ha, HP alright I will take a look at that.

(Oct 05 '10 at 08:06) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

You can check http://www.ibuypower.com/ but it gets REALLY expensive.

(Oct 05 '10 at 08:07) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Here is HP's high performance computers: http://tinyurl.com/hpdesktops

They start around $630

(Oct 05 '10 at 08:10) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

www.ibuypower.com is to difficult way to many choices I need to zero into the one

(Oct 05 '10 at 08:14) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

I'd stick with just buying a standard pc then (from HP, dell or whoever). Besides, you can always go back and customize (add / remove parts) later. :)

Not sure what your price range is but that first stock pc on HP's site is $630. Not too bad.

(Oct 05 '10 at 08:16) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Did you ever decide which to go with? Just following up :)

(Oct 11 '10 at 07:39) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Oh, hahaha. Yeah I'm still looking at that website you showed me. Its so hard to pick with all those great choices. X.X

(Oct 11 '10 at 07:53) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

Well that's a pretty good problem to have ;)

Just don't go over budget and remember, you can always go back and add components later.

Good luck! Let me know what you choose!

(Oct 11 '10 at 07:56) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

I wouldn't mind having some help on choices. :D I can't believe how many choices there are... Chassis, and such 2000$ budget ;)

(Oct 11 '10 at 08:00) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

I added the one I built for you into my original answer. You might have Ctrl + about 4 times to see it clearly.

(Oct 11 '10 at 08:23) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Wow nice, Heres a noob question for you. Where can I get some parts eventually. X.X Im very scared of buying parts that don't fit. >__>

(Oct 11 '10 at 09:27) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

Well it depends on what you want to upgrade. Amazon has a lot a parts for a reasonable price. Also, NewEgg or any tech site.

That one I built above has 6GB of RAM which should be plenty. BUT if you ever wanted to upgrade to 8GB, you can simply buy the replacement sticks and pop them in yourself.

(Oct 11 '10 at 09:33) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

How often or how likely will I buy parts that won't fit...

(Oct 11 '10 at 09:34) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

Well, chances are you won't upgrade anything. IF you do, you can look up ahead of time what works with what. Plus, you have a whole community here to help!

Like I said though, I don't imagine you ever having to upgrade unless you really want to do so. I just put new RAM in mine but that's it. You wouldn't even have to do that.

(Oct 11 '10 at 09:41) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

I might, just to give me that little advantage when I game. I also will do things like record games and such. Thank you for the set up though. :D

(Oct 11 '10 at 09:46) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

No problem. Just let me know how it turns out!

(Oct 11 '10 at 09:54) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Did you ever get a new computer?

(Oct 21 '10 at 08:11) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

I'm waiting for the holiday season you know me. Trying to get a deal. ;)

(Oct 21 '10 at 08:17) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

I hear ya! I'll keep an eye out for deals.

(Oct 21 '10 at 08:24) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Hahah yeah tell me if you find anything good!

(Oct 21 '10 at 08:25) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

Ok, Yuma, time to check back. Being Black Friday and all, did you find anything good? I know Dell and Apple both had sales today.

(Nov 26 '10 at 22:34) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Hahahah I should of seen this coming! I apologize, but its almost rent time and I just bought myself an iPhone 4... Hahahah if you must know my laptop is falling apart the T key fell off and the shift is broken!

(Nov 26 '10 at 23:23) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

you could always buy a cheap $5 external keyboard in the meantime

(Nov 27 '10 at 08:11) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

That's a really good idea... Sadly I didn't think of that for all this time. xD

(Nov 27 '10 at 11:40) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

Hey come on, what's more important: rent or a new computer? lol. Tim makes a great point. If the keyboard is the only thing hindering your performance, just get a cheap external one that plugs in via USB. Enjoy your new iPhone 4!

(Nov 29 '10 at 09:48) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

our you could buy a new official internal keyboard. May cost a bit more, but keeps it looking good.

(Nov 29 '10 at 09:52) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image
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For power, I would say go with desktop. Its easier and cheaper to upgrade. If you want portability, of course stick with a laptop. Depends on what you want to do with it.

answered Oct 05 '10 at 08:26

DragonHeart's gravatar image


I'd say that you should get a desktop, and a device like an iPod Touch, because desktops are more powerful and, as mentioned before, are easily upgradeable. The iPod Touch (or other similar device) would be used for casual web browsing and other activities when you're away from your computer.

answered Oct 05 '10 at 08:50

catchatyou's gravatar image


edited Oct 09 '10 at 15:39


Sounds like a great plan to me. Any recommendations for powerful gaming desktops?

(Oct 05 '10 at 09:19) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

If you build your own, you can get twice as much power for the same price. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube that are easy to follow and will tell you everything that you need to know. I can't recommend buying from most manufacturers that sell Windows computers.

(Oct 05 '10 at 19:47) catchatyou catchatyou's gravatar image

The iPod touch sucks at web browsing!

(Oct 09 '10 at 18:38) ryebread761 ryebread761's gravatar image

Why? because it lacks Flash? If it did have Flash, you'd complain that the experience was slow and laggy. You wouldn't need to use the iPod Touch for something more than simple web browsing. It can do it so much better than a netbook. So you save money, and you have a device that has a decent amount of power to it; yet you have the guts to say that it's not a bad choice. Oh well, people have choices, and some choices aren't as wise as others. Also, some people need different things, and I'm sorry that it wouldn't work out for you, but for me, it would be the best option.

(Oct 22 '10 at 11:15) catchatyou catchatyou's gravatar image

Why do people need Adobe Flash on Apple devices so much? Adobe Flash slows down devices and would make the iPod Touch horribly slow. If you really want to watch a YouTube video then use the built in application for that.

(Nov 26 '10 at 22:41) TomMaxwell TomMaxwell's gravatar image

Well with desktops its much more modifiable and it's fun to look for new parts such as system cases, Graphics card, hard drivers, RAM(memory) and processors etc... Also I like to be connected to the internet via Ethernet cable.

answered Oct 05 '10 at 13:00

Database's gravatar image


This all depends on your needs. If you want power and stability go with a desk top. If you travel a lot go with a laptop.

answered Oct 09 '10 at 17:32

Noah%20Rainey's gravatar image

Noah Rainey


Yeah I've decided on a desk top. Recommend a brand or a website to purchase one? :)

(Oct 09 '10 at 18:38) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

I'm starting to slightly regret getting a laptop over a desktop, but I do love having my laptop because of portability. The only aspects that make me want a desktop is that they're easily upgradeable, I can leave them on all the time without having to worry about battery/overheating, they are generally more powerful, etc.

I can easily do HD video editing on my laptop, I have it connected to a 22" screen as well as the laptop screen. I mainly do web design - so that's basically the Adobe suite.

Laptops can be very powerful and very portable, if you don't plan on taking it anywhere then I'd advise you to go for a desktop.

answered Oct 09 '10 at 18:29

Timn96's gravatar image



Yeah I've decided on a desk top. Recommend a brand or a website to purchase one? :)

(Oct 09 '10 at 18:39) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

HP and Compaq are definitely good brands of computers, Apple (if you can afford one), or you could build one yourself which I think is the best option, as long as you have a rough idea as to what you're doing. It's not that hard.

(Oct 10 '10 at 04:36) Timn96 Timn96's gravatar image

If you ate using it from Gaming i would recommend a gaming PC something with lots of cooling that can handle high graphics. cheaper than a high end gaming laptop but a lot more powerful

answered Oct 10 '10 at 07:47

serenity's gravatar image




(Oct 10 '10 at 09:15) Yuma Yuma's gravatar image

Like others have said, It depends upon your needs.

If you travel extensively, Obviously, A laptop would the one to buy.

If you can afford it & travel a fair amount, Get both.

Now, If your not interested in high end things such as gaming & such, You could just buy a reasonably priced laptop & buy a external monitor & a separate keyboard for home use so you don’t have to be near the whole laptop.

answered Oct 10 '10 at 14:24

BlazeEagle's gravatar image


As a lot of the answers above say...simply PC = Power while a Laptop = Basic computing (unless you purchase a high power laptop)

answered Oct 21 '10 at 18:01

EoinMuurphy's gravatar image


I have both and each have advantages.

I spend a lot of time at home working on my computer so I purchased a Mac Mini a few months ago. It's great for what I want it to do as I have a nice 19 inch screen connected to it.

If I go out it's really useful to have my laptop with me as I like to check social networking sites and e-mail.

As others have said it really depends on what you need the computer for.

answered Nov 27 '10 at 06:51

edgy's gravatar image


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