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Can i install pc games on my external hdd ?

asked Oct 06 '10 at 08:25

renecjulienne's gravatar image


Yes you can, just like you can install a game on a flash drive, but some games won't favor it as much as others.

answered Oct 06 '10 at 08:41

catchatyou's gravatar image


okay thanks buddy...

(Oct 06 '10 at 08:46) renecjulienne renecjulienne's gravatar image

You can, but it's not the best option for all of the games. Some may run slower, graphics might be reduced and so on. I'd prefer a internal one for games and such.

answered Oct 06 '10 at 09:10

Mihkel's gravatar image


I'd add that make sure the driver letter that the external HDD is using is always the same. You can set this using the Disk Management leaf in the Windows Computer Management application tree. That way, any registry settings or other settings files that are stored on your operating system drive (usually drive C:) with explicit driver-letter references to your external HDD will always refer to the same drive.

I tend to start from the other end of the alphabet, and have drives Z and Y, for instance, though if you've had the drive available as (say) drive E: for a while, then just enforce that drive letter choice and you're done.

You could also mount the drive in a sub-folder on drive C:. Again you can do this from within the Disk Management leaf - same dialog box, just choose "Mount in the following NTFS folder" - your main OS drive (C:) needs to be NTFS to do this. This could be handy if the game detects the drive type and decides as it's an external drive, to not allow you to use it (I can't think of a game that does this, but if you find one, it's a potential workaround).

If you unplug the external HDD and plug it into a different USB port, your PC may think it's a different drive and assign it the same drive letter again. You may have to always plug it into the same USB port though (I'm presuming it's USB not Firewire or external-SATA, though this advice may hold for Firewire and multiple Firewire ports - I only have USB external HDDs so can't confirm).

answered Oct 06 '10 at 11:49

Chris%20McCray's gravatar image

Chris McCray

Yes you can but only if your plugging that hd into a windows pc so you can play it. Im assumming its windows as you say pc.

answered Oct 06 '10 at 13:16

fakeman's gravatar image


During installation it asks you where you would like to install the game, just direct it to your HDD.

answered Oct 06 '10 at 16:15

Ben%20Grant's gravatar image

Ben Grant

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