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I took a look around and did not see anything on the newest talked about Hp Slate.

More about thoughts on what you know of it of course.



They seem to be focusing on business, I found it a little funny at around 0:16 it kind of lags. It basically has everything in it that I would want from a slate PC, Wacom with touch and a full OS that allows me to install anything, maybe not as user friendly as the iPad, we will have to see because if this runs too slow it becomes pointless.

It does a lot more then then iPad can do and the price is rather high. Shall see.

Being able to play flash video is also another wanted feature, would just hope it can do it well.

Update - Here is a picture:

alt text

asked Oct 23 '10 at 03:49

Xiro's gravatar image


edited Nov 01 '10 at 03:56

thecomputergeek01's gravatar image


I just don't think running a full OS on a tablet os a very good idea. I'm going to wait until the iPad 2G, Blackberry Tablet (Forgot what it's called), and a Tablet running Gingerbread are released. I will make my decision then...

answered Oct 23 '10 at 23:42

Justin's gravatar image



Even the ad had lag, so we will have the see, personally I want a full OS that runs well on a Tablet, I want to be able to do whatever I want on it.

(Oct 24 '10 at 00:03) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image

Everybody has their own opinion. Personally, I want all the apps on a tablet, to be made for a tablet, and touch input. I find using a full OS with touch controls frustrating.

(Oct 24 '10 at 00:06) Justin Justin's gravatar image

I thought of that as well, this can do more yet for what some people want will it be user friendly? The wacom and touch is nice, yet how well does the touch work, how fast? Things like USB and card readers are important, I want to be able to install my own programs in the format I want, at the same time the iPad had from what I have seen has great controls. (I have an iPhone) I know apps are important for many users, curious to see what iPad 2 will bring.

I have an older tablet computer that is pen only, a full OS is a bit heavy at times, I like being able to install anything, I wish they could find a middle ground.

I am not saying anyone opinion is wrong, we all buy what we think will work best for us.

I do question if a full OS is good for Tablets right now.

(Oct 24 '10 at 00:14) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image

I agree. Some people get carried away. Just because I like touched based OSs on tablets, doesn't mean anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. Both have strong pros and cons.

(Oct 24 '10 at 00:27) Justin Justin's gravatar image

I would like to have a touched based OS, (less fluff to deal with) plus people then have to get their virus checkers etc... gets a little busy for a Tablet, I would like it if the iPad had USB, card slot etc.. was able to handle other programs, there are some items in a format that I would like to read.

iPad, time for a movie, press a couple buttons and you are watching, have to see how the full OS tablets handle all of this.

(Oct 24 '10 at 00:39) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image

I don't know yet. All I know is that the HP Slate 500 is NOT $500 =0p...

answered Oct 23 '10 at 03:57

r0bErT4u's gravatar image


Since it is the 64GB model it would be in line with the six hundred dollar iPad, so two hundred dollars more for the same size, however it does a LOT more, of course there are things the iPad can do better I am sure. Have to wait and see how well it runs.

Eight hundred dollars is a high price, however it does about ten times as much which is worth a lot, yet only if it does it well.

answered Oct 23 '10 at 04:01

Xiro's gravatar image


edited Oct 23 '10 at 23:01

It may have a fighting chance against the iPad if they can sort out the issues with the lag.... but I doubt it. :p

answered Oct 24 '10 at 00:22

zee967's gravatar image



If it lags that much it will lose, no one will put up with a slow tablet.

(Oct 24 '10 at 00:24) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image

It's interesting enough, getting abit unfair stick over the price I think. Their main problem is the average person will probably buy an ipad over it. I don't like the name slate, but I guess a name can become its self over time. To be honest I think they're too late, they should of released this before apple released ipad, I remember seeing it at the start of the year on the bbc. What took them so long?

answered Oct 26 '10 at 05:57

paddyt007's gravatar image


There were some delays, if it runs smoothly it will beat the iPad in many ways aside from the user friendly nature of the iPad, of course that is just a guess. I like the name slate just fine, better then iPad as it is taking awhile to get that Mad Tv joke out of my mind, I am getting there.

I hope it runs well because it is something I would look at at some point, eight hundred dollars is too steep at this time and a larger hard drive would be nice, at least 128.

(Oct 26 '10 at 06:04) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image

A full OS running Windows 7 in a slate that HP manufactured is quite a good idea... but on the other hand it is HP and not Apple so I don't think I will like it when it comes out.. Do you agree??

answered Nov 01 '10 at 03:57

thecomputergeek01's gravatar image


I have to base everything on performance not on brand, it has to run better then the ads showed with the lag issue. And the very thing I like most about it could be the biggest issue it will have.

(Nov 01 '10 at 04:56) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image

So if it's not an Apple product you don't like it? Thats pretty sad if thats true.

(Nov 01 '10 at 04:57) paddyt007 paddyt007's gravatar image
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