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Have you watched this yet?
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward | Official Trailer - [ Extended ]
Will you (in any way) help yourself, your family,your friends and everything else living on planet earth?
Please spent some time with an answer, just a yes or no is enough.

asked Oct 24 '10 at 09:49

JohnK's gravatar image


Do you know how to ask an open question?

(Oct 24 '10 at 09:51) Seb Seb's gravatar image

Well,(as you suggest) obviously not! will you tell me how? (and what do you mean by "open"). I never had an english lesson in my life (school doesn't count cause i was an ass back then about actually learning someting from it) so... well i try but i don't have enough time for lessons.

(Oct 24 '10 at 13:54) JohnK JohnK's gravatar image

I also have had problems with English before so I am not going to criticize you for it, but don't put spent time on your answer and then say to put a simple yes or no.

To answer your question yes I would do something to help myself, family and the rest of the world, not just I would do it, I'm doing it each day by carrying simple jobs and things as recycling, helping people and getting dress up with a mascara and a cape to save people in danger as geekman and my superpowers..., wait I think I got carried away lol, but no seriously some of us people are really trying to do something to change the world and do something for.

Not going to see that movie though, not time with UNI work, etc :P

answered Oct 24 '10 at 10:10

Patxi's gravatar image


I'm getting sick and tired of this thing called change. It's what The Zeitgeist Movement is all about. The more we change things, the less natural those things become. The movement you propose is just another way of suggesting that the destiny of human-kind should be to entirely consume the planet until there is nothing left. How is focussing entirely on humanity "helping everything else living on planet ..."?

Insisting that this movement would help everything else living on this planet is like saying "We are the locust plague of Earth, but we can't turn back now; We must consume (equitably among the human race) until we've ruined everything. At that point there will be nothing left and humanity will be extinct. Whatever is left will be better off without us."

answered Oct 24 '10 at 10:24

Seb's gravatar image


edited Oct 24 '10 at 10:26

Remember Obama's words?:...Change!!!... XD

(Oct 24 '10 at 10:25) Patxi Patxi's gravatar image

Julia Gillard suggested "moving forward"... Look where that went!

(Oct 24 '10 at 10:27) Seb Seb's gravatar image
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