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Why is Comic Sans disliked so much?

Comic Sans is a very popular font and many people dislike it. Websites like bancomicsans.com are saying that it is overused, I dislike comic sans a bit for this reason but are there any other reasons that you can think of.

I also like this article from the BBC about Comic Sans.

alt text alt text

asked Nov 02 '10 at 18:33

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(Nov 02 '10 at 18:37) TheTechDude TheTechDude's gravatar image

The main reason is that it's used where it doesn't belong by SO many people, because they don't know better. It's like the IE6 of typography. Choosing and/or creating fonts is a big branch of typography (which is a branch of design), and Comic Sans MS is considered very unattractive and not very functional (other than readable, it's really not that pretty).

This article explains overused and over the top fonts it satirically well.

The font that you use is part of the impression you give the reader. A serious sentence with a "comic" font does not fulfill it's purpose. Would you e-mail salary reports to your boss in Comic Sans? In Papyrus?

answered Nov 03 '10 at 02:18

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The one about jokerman is funny.

(Nov 14 '10 at 13:00) Feras Feras's gravatar image

I think this is stupid.

Ban people who can't spell or talk. (i.e. "teh"; "I can has whatever", and "c u l8tr"

Ban politicians who make our lives hell.

Ban convicted felons running for office.

Ban shoplifters from retail stores.

Comic Sans? GET A LIFE PEOPLE. It's a FONT. Don't like it? Don't use it.

answered Nov 02 '10 at 18:59

Rizzy's gravatar image


Secondly, I just went to literally 30 different major/notable websites, and I didn't see Comic Sans used.......?

(Nov 02 '10 at 19:04) Rizzy Rizzy's gravatar image

It's about other people using it where it doesn't belong (there are fonts that fit very few particular design scenarios). There's a whole design theory behind typography. Would you hand in your resumé in Comic Sans? Didn't think so :P

(Nov 03 '10 at 02:06) Alekz Alekz's gravatar image

I assume it's because many professionals likely view it as a unprofessional font.

I agree in that sense, but otherwise, I have no problems with that font & think it's fairly easy to read.

answered Nov 03 '10 at 02:23

BlazeEagle's gravatar image


This is my favorite ;)

alt text

answered Feb 24 '11 at 18:33

Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Steven Hibbs

I think people find it hard to read.

answered Nov 02 '10 at 19:14

ryebread761's gravatar image



How? Only way it's hard to read is if the font size is too small....same with ANY font.

Comic Sans is a much bolder font than most, and that's BEFORE you actually "bold" it. Therefore, it's a lot "easier" to read than some of those really skinny, thin narrow fonts.

I'm sorry, but I don't find "hard to read" a valid argument.

(Nov 02 '10 at 19:30) Rizzy Rizzy's gravatar image

I don't think it is hard to read but I bet some people do.

(Nov 02 '10 at 19:32) ryebread761 ryebread761's gravatar image

Eh. I just think it's some "cool figure" that made a comment about not liking CS so everyone else had to follow because "god said he didn't like CS so we shouldn't either". I think that's all it is.

(Nov 02 '10 at 19:35) Rizzy Rizzy's gravatar image

It's more than that, thus I don't remember just one famous person bashing it, it's more like every designer that has respect for himself would never, EVER, use Comic Sans on anything. It's like Jar Jar Binks. Comic relief? Meh. Would you go back in time and erase him from the original Star Wars script? ABSOLUTELY!

(Nov 03 '10 at 02:21) Alekz Alekz's gravatar image

Wow. How did we get from comic sans to Star Wars.

(Feb 24 '11 at 18:31) Feras Feras's gravatar image

You gotta love love this site!

(Feb 24 '11 at 19:42) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image
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i don't use Comic Sans, but to be honest when i'm writing a Document in word i don't change the text font i use what ever is selected.

answered Nov 15 '10 at 12:33

coolsecretspy's gravatar image


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