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If you are, what distro of it do you use? And are you dual booted? If so with what?

asked Jun 05 '10 at 18:04

Lelouch%20Yagami's gravatar image

Lelouch Yagami

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I do have linux but I don't use it as much. I like Windows more because I can just buy come junk computer for about $200-$300...use it for like a 2-3 years and then throw it away and get another brand new computer. However, getting back to linux...I think it's a very good OS...and it is good to keep...

answered Jun 05 '10 at 18:10

CharlesYin96's gravatar image


Yeah, I met a guy in the Best Buy store, he said that Linux didn't get viruses, so he installed it on my computer. Had it for a year, hadn't gotten a virus since! Didn't need to purchase anti-virus protection like I did Windows. It was a good investment, as he only charged me 300 bucks for the copy. =)

answered Jul 01 '10 at 11:43

AppleHack23's gravatar image


i would of charged you sause like a 30 pack of beer open sause b33r. as in free.

(Jul 02 '10 at 05:53) CiphersSon CiphersSon's gravatar image

Yes I am. I use Ubuntu for its polish and relatively easy setup, and I dual boot with Windows 7 for gaming mostly.

answered Jun 05 '10 at 18:05

luckinabox's gravatar image


yes ubuntu and no im not dual booted. and its better than windows. havent used osx yet so cannt knock that

answered Jun 05 '10 at 18:06

dylanm97's gravatar image


Yes, me too. I don't even dual-boot nowadays. Ubuntu is easy to set up and customize to your needs.

answered Jun 05 '10 at 18:07

Ryu%20Kurisu's gravatar image

Ryu Kurisu

I love linux. Right now I have kubuntu dual booted with windows xp. Used ubuntu for a while but I like KDE over Gnome

answered Jun 05 '10 at 18:07

Coop66's gravatar image


Yes. i use ubuntu for some of my machines and i use ubuntu server for my website. Linux is awsome and makes things so much easier once you have the hang of it.

answered Jun 05 '10 at 18:09

Josh%20Wood's gravatar image

Josh Wood

I put Ubuntu on a Netbook for my mum, it came with some really bad linux distro. I also run Ubuntu Server on two of my servers, i also use Ubuntu as my Secondary Operating System in my home office.

answered Jun 05 '10 at 18:14

Jordan's gravatar image


Ive never tried Linux. Though Im contemplating installing it on my PC that is struggling to run windows.

answered Jun 05 '10 at 18:08

OldSchoolTech's gravatar image


Try running the live CD. If you don't like it, it has no effect on your computer whatsoever, but if you do like it, than you can instal it right form there.

(Jun 05 '10 at 18:13) catchatyou catchatyou's gravatar image

no the features on linux are to basic for me stick with windows and mac

answered Jun 05 '10 at 18:14

pc121108's gravatar image


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