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I am setting up my mouse to use macros. I have 3-5 spare buttons to use. What will they be most useful as. I mainly use Dreamweaver and Photoshop, as well as In Design and Illustrator. I would rather have one set for all of them, but it is possible to have one for each if needed

asked Nov 06 '10 at 09:33

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Tim Fontana

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I am a graphic designer and I know what you will need the most..

Here is my top 6 thing you will need:

  1. Make a new project - CTRL + N
  2. New layer - CTRL + SHIFT + N
  3. Transform - CTRL + T
  4. Duplicate - CTRL + N
  5. Group - CTRL + G
  6. Merge - CTRL + E

That is a list I got of a website and the website also said:

They are the most common used Photoshop key strokes

It would be allot easier if you just set them on your mouse's buttons and use it from there

answered Nov 06 '10 at 09:57

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