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What do you guys think of the Revolutionary War? What would have happened if Britain had won the war?

asked Nov 07 '10 at 10:49

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edited Dec 08 '10 at 17:46

Just look at the territories that were at one time or another part of the British Empire to find your answers. The British Overseas Territories are underlined in red. If the British won the American Revolutionary War, America would probably be like the other territories of the British Empire. Take Hong Kong for example (See below).

alt text

Hong Kong became a colony of the British Empire after the First Opium War (1839–42). Originally confined to Hong Kong Island, the colony's boundaries were extended in stages to the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories by 1898. It was occupied by Japan during the Pacific War, after which the British resumed control until 1997, when China regained sovereignty.[13][14] The region espoused minimum government intervention under the ethos of positive non-interventionism during the colonial era.[15] The time period greatly influenced the current culture of Hong Kong, often described as "East meets West",[16] and the educational system, which used to loosely follow the system in England[17] until reforms implemented in 2009.[18]

answered Nov 08 '10 at 01:09

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If Britain won we would be speaking in English accents lol

answered Nov 07 '10 at 10:49

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edited Nov 07 '10 at 10:51

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we originally did have english accents. O_O

(Nov 07 '10 at 12:56) synaptiv synaptiv's gravatar image

Theres no such thing as an English accent. -_-

(Dec 18 '10 at 10:22) Mattophobia ♦♦ Mattophobia's gravatar image

The are several reasons why the revolutionary war started including the fallowing. Taxes with be colonies being represented in parliament. Yes some one was there to represent the colonies, but that person was not allowed to really do anything at all will in office. Also there was the idea of having troops being able to take home for no reason at all. Finally that the colonist were blamed the French and Indian War and were being forced to pay the damages brought on by the war. There are a few of the several reasons why the revolutionary war start. Finally if we lost the war there is a good chance we would be a British territory to this day.

answered Nov 08 '10 at 00:45

Jeff%20Beyl's gravatar image

Jeff Beyl

Well, it would have sucked, but I'm sure there would have been another war in time that the Americans would have won. The colonies would continue to grow and develop to the point where Britain wouldn't be able do anything about it. The Americans would eventually resist again, but this time more powerful and even more fed up with Britain. I'm sure it would have set us back as a country though. I don't want to think about what 2010 would have been like around the world if America had lost.

answered Nov 08 '10 at 01:33

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My grand parents said there used to have a saying "The sun never sets over Britain" Because there was British controlled land from east to west at that present time.

answered Dec 18 '10 at 02:50

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My god you must be like 100

(Mar 28 '11 at 13:27) Ben Grant Ben%20Grant's gravatar image
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