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I have previously purchased a domain and hosting from wordpress.com but now I would like to move to wordpress.org and use Go Daddy for my hosting. The hosting part is fine but for domain registration, i understand i can transfer a domain to Go Daddy but there is an option on Go Daddy that says:

Select your transfer nameservers: -Keep the existing nameservers on my transferring domain names as currently set at my domain registrar. -Change my transferring domain names to GoDaddy.com park nameservers.

If i leave the name servers at wordpress.com what happens when the domain registration there runs out? Does it transfer automatically. Anyone could clarify this please? Thanks.

asked Nov 08 '10 at 06:37

dineshgeorge's gravatar image


(I recommend that you don't go with Go Daddy. My friend had a ton of problems with them over the weekend.)

(Nov 08 '10 at 07:56) Madison Tries Madison%20Tries's gravatar image

would you happen to know what problems he went thru?

(Nov 08 '10 at 07:57) dineshgeorge dineshgeorge's gravatar image

If I understand you completely you are going to host your blog on godaddy, therefore you will want your name servers pointed to godaddy. Otherwise if someone types in your domain name and you have your blog hosted one place and the domain pointed somewhere else they will never find your blog.

If you want to wait until your domain and hosting is about to expire before you make changes you can do that. You will need to transfer the domain name and hosting to godaddy if that's the service you are going to use.

Remember hosting is one thing and domain registration is another.

answered Nov 08 '10 at 07:28

Sozo's gravatar image


So if i point the nameservers to godaddy and get the hosting on godaddy too. All ill have to do is export the blog out of wordpress.com and import into wordpress.org and the site should be functional again. Only difference being everything is under godaddy. IS that right?

(Nov 08 '10 at 07:32) dineshgeorge dineshgeorge's gravatar image

You are going to need to put all of your files on your go daddy hosting account. You blog will then be a wordpress blog on your own server.

Also, when you get your hosting. Godaddy.com has a wordpress so it can walk you through setting up your blog and you'll only need to import your files and settings.

(Nov 08 '10 at 07:36) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image
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