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Egg Drop Competitions are experiments usually performed by college or primary school students. Competitors typically attempt to create a device that can keep a raw chicken egg intact when dropped from a height. Students are asked to build a device made from a limited amount of materials to support an egg when dropped from various heights.

asked Nov 10 '10 at 03:09

r0bErT4u's gravatar image


I had a triangular pyramid with a parachute at the point of the pyramid. I also had a hollowed out lemon with cotton ball cushioning. But when it came to actually dropping it, it didn't work. Even though it worked when I was testing it.

answered Nov 10 '10 at 08:45

FilipinoPower's gravatar image


(Nov 10 '10 at 16:39) r0bErT4u r0bErT4u's gravatar image

That's like the one I made only I had a triangle base

(Nov 10 '10 at 17:59) FilipinoPower FilipinoPower's gravatar image

if you are given paper and tape, i have never seen this done but i hear it works. tape little cones all over the egg onto the egg so that the surface is covered.

answered Nov 10 '10 at 09:23

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(Nov 10 '10 at 16:32) r0bErT4u r0bErT4u's gravatar image

Now I know why being a student is so awesome. Making egg saving devices for school competitions. ;) Much better than working!

answered Nov 10 '10 at 09:35

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edited Nov 10 '10 at 09:35

What's the angle of the cannon? How much distance until impact?

A bottom-heavy, structurally solid tube, full of supersaturated salt water should do the trick. The egg will float in the salt water. When firing out of the cannon, you'll want the egg to be as far away from the impact as possible. Likewise, when hitting the ground you'll want the water to cushion the egg from impact.

The idea of a parachute is a good one, but if the egg is being launched out of the cannon, I'd be worried about the impact at the beginning of the journey. Eggs float in salt water, and sink in vegetable oil (which shouldn't mix easily with water). You could prepare your salt water, place the egg in, then use a spoon (or something similar) to pour the vegetable oil down, against the edge of the container so that it layers nicely on top of the salt water with minimal disturbance. The next problem at this stage is the heat! It only takes 7 seconds for an egg to cook, the egg needs to be raw... so does this container need some form of insulation to keep it cool inside? Get the blowtorch out and find some material that withstands heat for 7 seconds while leaving the cement underneath relatively cool.

There will need to be enough length for the egg to travel through the salt water (and the vegetable oil) as cushion. In the scenario that the container may be fired almost horizontally (make sure the salt-water, weighted end is pointing as far down as possible), the weighted end will swing down to point to Earth. The egg will need sufficient room around it during flight, too.

Thus, the variables are (as far as I can tell):

  1. The shape (length and breadth).
  2. The ratio of vegetable oil to water.
  3. The weight.
  4. The material.

Throw a parachute in, too, if that'll make you happy. Just remember the cannon is probably going to throw more force at the egg than the surface that it hits at the end of the journey.

answered Nov 14 '10 at 00:51

Seb's gravatar image


edited Nov 14 '10 at 00:55

My nieces & nephews thank you very much! It's crazy with Filipino Excitement with Manny Pacquiao winning the boxing match!! Woo Hoo!

(Nov 14 '10 at 01:09) r0bErT4u r0bErT4u's gravatar image

You're most welcome. It's just an idea. I haven't tried it myself, so it may not work. It seems plausible to me, though. It seems like an interesting problem that I've never had the opportunity to attempt to solve. I'm grateful they got you involved, and grateful you brought it up here. It's problems like this that make life that little bit more interesting.

(Nov 14 '10 at 01:51) Seb Seb's gravatar image

The last time I went about doing this was many many years. It was "Take Your Child To Work Day" at my father's workplace. He's an aerospace engineer so there were all these engineering-events planned for the day, egg drop happened to be one of them.

We had like groups of four or five and would take turn dropping the eggs with our protective shell at different heights. If your egg lasted the one story drop, then it would go onto the second story, etc... My group had beaten the others by making it passed the second story and onto the third story. It didn't break on the third, but the fourth it did.

I can't remember exactly what we were given but we were very limited.

answered Nov 14 '10 at 02:09

recck's gravatar image


I did this for a 7th grade Tech-Ed class. All I did was find box that was small and packed it with foam and put the egg in the middle. Simply enough, it worked. We dropped it from almost 3 levels. Complicated ideas don't necessarily work as proven in my case. About 75-80% of the eggs survived

answered Nov 14 '10 at 10:02

YamazaruNinja's gravatar image


My Nieces & Nephews have decided to approach the Egg Drop Challenge like the NASA Mars Mission. They informed me that their Egg Drop Challenge is not a Drop, but rather a Launch out of a cannon of some sort?!? Me, being uncle Robert, has been tasked to help them. GOOD LORD!!!

alt text alt text alt text alt text

Watch the animation MER Entry, Descent and Landing on Mars > http://marsrover.nasa.gov/gallery/video/movies/RoverAnimPart2.mov

answered Nov 13 '10 at 22:06

r0bErT4u's gravatar image


Update: My nephew heard that one of the competition is going to LINE-X coat their eggs



answered Nov 13 '10 at 22:39

r0bErT4u's gravatar image


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