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What size laptop do you prefer? (screen size). Is it always the larger the better?

asked Nov 11 '10 at 03:37

Guyfromdenmark's gravatar image


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I help develop applications for Windows and I can tell you that all these tiny laptops are becoming a pain especially the ones that can't even support 1024x768. I personally prefer anything 15" or grater. Having said that there is also a point where the laptop becomes to large to be carrying around everyday. So larger is not necessarily better it depends on what you use it for.

answered Nov 11 '10 at 05:55

EliteAzza's gravatar image


Great answer EliteAzza....but if you wanna use your laptop as a desktop....playing games and so on.....what size do you prefer then?

(Nov 11 '10 at 06:01) Guyfromdenmark Guyfromdenmark's gravatar image

Well I don't have much experience with playing games on laptops, if you can afford it I would go for a 17" but 15" should be adequate.

(Nov 11 '10 at 06:08) EliteAzza EliteAzza's gravatar image

Can you please use the comment button.

(Nov 11 '10 at 16:56) TheTechDude TheTechDude's gravatar image

Choose the right tool for the job. | Choose the right screen size for your needs.

  • If mobility & battery life are a priority, then smaller is better.
  • If buying a desktop replacement, then go as big as you can afford.
  • If graphics resolution is a concern, then choose accordingly.
  • Etc.

There are many factors in choosing the right screen size for your needs. What may work for one use, doesn'y mean it will necessarilly work for others.

answered Nov 11 '10 at 07:46

r0bErT4u's gravatar image


I like 13 inches because it's perfect when your on the go. But when I'm programming the screen does fell a little bit cramped. So that's why I'm currently trying to buy this.

answered Nov 11 '10 at 07:17

FilipinoPower's gravatar image


I like the small laptops because I'm always on a desktop pc. Small laptops are easy to lug around places.

answered Nov 11 '10 at 10:09

Database's gravatar image


for games, big is good. for work and school, smaller is better

answered Nov 11 '10 at 07:13

nirmalpatel97's gravatar image


Because I use Photoshop quite allot, I need a BIG screen to I have a 30" Cinema Display and on my laptop I have a 15.6" Display with 1366x768 resolution. I would have wished for the res. to be better but it is Ok.

If you are just a regular person who just uses the internet and does not Graphic Design or Web Design, then I would probably get a Netbook or even a 13 - 15" laptop. My Laptop and desktop does me very well. I love them both.

answered Nov 11 '10 at 16:21

thecomputergeek01's gravatar image


Depends... If you're going for a desktop replacement you'd probably want to go with a laptop that has a big screen and that's powerful so that would 'actually' be a desktop replacement. If you're buying a laptop for carrying around a lot you'd want to go with a smaller one. I personally would choose a laptop that I could carry around everywhere, but I don't like netbooks, too small - I'd choose a medium-sized laptop which would also be more powerful than a netbook. I think I wouldn't replace my desktop with a laptop, not worth it. You can't really mod and customize it that much.

answered Nov 11 '10 at 17:10

Mihkel's gravatar image


I feel 15" is perfect in a laptop. I just upgraded from a 13" which was waaay to small. A 17" starts to feel like a desktop.

answered Nov 11 '10 at 18:56

Matthew%20B's gravatar image

Matthew B

samsung does 21 inch screens on laptops in Korea so you would need to ship them in but I would like one of those.

answered Nov 11 '10 at 19:22

popman's gravatar image


I only use laptops for light applications (Web browsing, IMing, etc) so 11inchers are what I prefer.

I'm currently saving for an 11.6 MacBook Air.

answered Nov 11 '10 at 20:11

Justin's gravatar image


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