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Membership Roles

Membership Roles

A site administrator is one who is responsible for the overall maintenance of the site, its members and its contents. You can tell someone is an administrator by the two blue diamonds next to their name. Some of the current administrators are: Chris, Alastor Moody, Kevin, and Fogarty. You can see staff at http://lockergnome.net/staff/

A site moderator is someone who helps maintain the site content only, including reporting of problems to the administrators. These people are chosen by the site administrators; they're hardworking, dedicated, and beneficial assets to the community. You can tell someone is a moderator by the single blue diamond next to their name. Some of the current moderators are ageekmom, and Mattophobia. You can see staff at http://lockergnome.net/staff/

A site editor is someone who can only edit and close question threads. These people have their "position" due to the amount of karma they have received by participating on the site. Anyone who has enough karma will be able to do these things - they have not been hand-picked by the administration. Anyone abusing this "position" will lose enough karma to take the editing powers away from them. Please don't go to editors with member issues... those should be taken up with admins.

Community Management

If you feel someone is violating the rules above, you may send an E-Mail to kevin.lockergnome@gmail.com or use the contact us link and they'll get back with you as soon as possible. The community typically deals with smaller issues, but if its something serious, send an E-Mail! While Chris Pirillo manages this website, he is very busy and may not get back with you for every little issue. If you want to contact Chris however, you can at Chris@Pirillo.com -- Please allow all E-Mails to administrators 24 - 72 hours for reply.