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Site Rules

What are the rules of this site?

By signing up to Lockergnome.net, you agree to the following Terms of Service:

Nothing Illegal - We do not allow discussions of anything that is illegal within the United States, United Kingdom, or against International treaties. This includes but not limited to: copyright and trademark laws.

No Solicitation - You may not ask for invites to websites such as Google+, Spotify, etc. You may not advertise your website or blog. Additionally, you may not recruit or ask for employees to help you with your website, blog, or service.

Spam - If a link that is not relevant to the question or the answer, it should not go into the content. In addition, unapproved referral links and affiliate links (such as, but not limited to, Amazon and Swagbucks) are not allowed and using this site to spam your referral or site may result in the reduction of karma or suspension of your account.

No Harassment - Treat others in the community with respect. It is fine to disagree with someone, but do so in a friendly manner. Name calling, threats, harassment and bashing others (or their ideas/beliefs/opinions) is not allowed, and will result in a permanent ban.

Foul Language - Occasional curse words are acceptable in questions, comments and answers. Excessive foul language is not allowed and any form of racial or discriminatory language is strictly prohibited. You may not use harmful words towards others, despite its context or intention. Both of those will result in a permanent ban.

Excessive Formatting - As you might have noticed, this site allows you to format your text in various manners, like text bold, italicize, etc. We ask that you don't overuse text formatting, as it becomes unnecessary and difficult to read.

Stay Appropriate - We have many community members who are minors (under 21, 18, 16 years of age.) You may not discuss or post links to mature content, including but not limited to: pornography, excessive violence, or promotion of illegal activities.

File Sharing - There will be no discussions or links to file sharing sites. While we understand that the sites are not illegal, some of what they are used to download is illegal. Please do not discuss where to find the newest movie or music online "for free," share links to your favorite torrent sites, etc.

Karma Farming - It is quite easy for us to see who is trying to cheat the system to get additional karma for themselves. The regular members also tend to watch that and report suspicious karma activity. Anyone caught karma farming will have their alter ego removed from the site and will themselves lose all of their karma and/or be suspended from the site indefinitely.

Post Closing - Do not close posts without a good reason. You can close a question if it is a duplicate and you LINK the older version of said question against our site rules, is spam or irrelevant, or if it is not really a question but attempt to link their personal websites or other content, and/or the question WILL cause a flame war. You cannot close a question if it can be discussed beyond a simple answer, the question doesn't break any rules and shows a uniqueness past similar questions, or if a staff member re-opens a question". If an administrator closes a question, LEAVE it closed. If an admin opens a previously closed post, then LEAVE it open.

Discussing Issues from Other Sites - If you have been banned from the live chat, GeekWith or any of our other community sites, this is NOT the place to discuss it.

Argumentative Behavior - We will not tolerate argumentative behavior. You may not always agree with a decision made by the administration of this site, but we ask that you respect said decisions.

Last Word - A site admin or moderator ALWAYS has the last word. If they ask you to stop discussing something, please do so.

Rules Changes - These rules are subject to be changed without notice, so be sure to check back here regularly. As the community continues to grow, we will of course have to adapt and change with it.

Failure to follow the Terms of Service may result in karma reduction, account suspension, or a permanent ban. All violations are reviewed to best determine the appropriate course of action.

Community Management

If you feel someone is violating the rules above, you may send an E-Mail to Alastor@iPocalypse.net or kevin.lockergnome@gmail.com or use the contact us link and they'll get back with you as soon as possible. The community typically deals with smaller issues, but if its something serious, send an E-Mail! While Chris Pirillo manages this website, he is very busy and may not get back with you for every little issue. If you want to contact Chris however, you can at Chris@Pirillo.com -- Please allow all E-Mails to administrators 24 - 72 hours for reply.